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Welcome to the Manchester Hermit’s blog.

Between June 27th and August 5th 2009 Ansuman Biswas spent forty days and forty nights alone in the Gothic Tower of the Manchester Museum in England.

His aim was to delve into the Museum as a house of memory and to examine our attitudes to loss and conservation.

Each day a new object from the stores was presented in this blog as a stimulus for discussion and action.
Ansuman is no longer confined to the Tower but the discussion continues and the objects are now in your hands.
On September 3rd 2009 at a specially convened meeting in the Manchester Museum the fate of these objects will be formally decided. Until then you are welcome to consider all the arguments and put forward your own view. No decision will be taken without sufficient weight of opinion behind it, so please stand up for what you believe in.

You may explore this discussion in various ways:
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Human skullAnopheles MosquitoAfrica UnlocateddiatomsBlack Poplar Seed croppedButt 2Box of Newspapers croppedHyaena Skull (smaller)Leftover crustaceans (smaller)TrucaniniCarpet BeetleKiwi cloakHoney BeeDarwin mossEolithHand axeBritish West Africa Penny (cropped)Dowry bowFossil sea bedBuddha statueOrphaned LabelsFig fruitApple blossomFossil bivalvessphalerite (still)Golden MantellaDuhoCockroach fossilBrickSingle SparrowLady's Slipper OrchidGiant EarwigClay LampsFossilized TreeCocaine leavesHuman ToothCarved IvoryFirestickCurlew's eggReed Pens

If, rather than leaving a comment on this blog, you would prefer to contact Ansuman directly, you are welcome to do so here: