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At midnight tonight (GMT+1) the polls will open and you will have twenty-four hours to choose my fate.

Here is an example of the voting form. This is not the actual form, just an example.
In order to be entered on this form at least two people will have to support you. You can put yourself forward but you will have to have at least two other people support your claim.
If no one claims me then, like any of the other objects, I will just sink back into the obscurity I came from.

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  1. cosi permalink
    04/08/2009 11:35 pm

    mitts off everyone 🙂
    I claim the hermit!
    My husband and I did briefly consider clearing a display case which he should be able to squeeze himself into and thought he would look very pretty there and probably be useful too – ansuman is very good at putting a smile on my face!
    But then we decided that we should relase him into the custody of his family and let him continue on his path (which is some much more twisted and interesting than i could ever invent!) because this way we would (I think) be sharing the smiles with many more people.

    As a fallback, I’ve just rearranged my front room and cleared that case at any rate…..

  2. Tom Stephenson permalink
    05/08/2009 12:05 am

    Quick, tell me – is that a live poll now? I need to go to bed! (or watch reality TV)

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