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Because they are living things


Received this by email from Leander Wolsthenhome:

Hi Ansuman,

My daughter (Matilida, aged 5) has done a drawing of two mosquitoes.  One is biting a person.  She’s put a comment on the blog but when I tried to paste the picture in as well as the text it didn’t work.  So, I’ve decided to send you the image by attachment.

When she drew the mosquito biting the person and the blood I said “Are you sure you like mosquitoes Matilda?” she replied “Yes, because they are living things”.

I hope it’s going well in there.

Best wishes,


Tilda Mosquito

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  1. Brother James permalink
    01/07/2009 3:11 am

    Hi Ansuman, how are you doing? I remember the first few days I spent alone… was like playing house getting everything in place and tidying up. Besides this blog and twitter (which I am now a twitterer or maybe just a twit) do you have much physical connection to outside?? If you want to follow a boring old monk follow in twitter, that will make any life look exciting.

    • 01/07/2009 1:24 pm

      No physical connection apart from the sound of the traffic on Oxford Road and the changing light that illuminates my frosted or stained glass windows. Windows that cannot be opened because they are so old they would probably collapse.
      Oh and I get a food parcel once a week.
      Apparently you’ve been having a heat wave out there. Here in this stone tower it’s always cold. like a cave. I have a heater and am wrapped in blankets.

      This digital metamorphosis offers a kind of liberation however…

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